The health of our planet and its inhabitants has long been compromised in the name of greed.  Excessive pollution is catalyzed by corrupt politicians and propaganda. 

        A massive disparity exists and is tolerated, perpetuated or endured by a majority of the population.  All living things enjoy the same rights and the disregard of this equality is heinous and uneducated; a conscious hate.

        The end of malice, mistreatment and oppression worldwide must be our shared goal.  Those who oppose the common good must be treated as enemies of peace.

        Every child deserves to be healthy, safe and loved.  Every person, plant and animal and the environment itself deserves respect.  

        Canada has the potential to create an efficient, egalitarian and sustainable society.

        Reforms to existing priorities and policy are essential to reversing moral and environmental degradation.

        Commonsense Government is a program dedicated to developing a sustainable society.
Independents for Sustainability