Independents for Sustainability
Workers dedicated to the security of the Nation must operate with authority and accountability.  It is the responsibility of the government to provide a safe environment for its citizens by ensuring the effectiveness and integrity of all security operations.


       All police officers are required to wear video recording devices while on duty.

Armed Forces

       The armed forces are dedicated to the protection of the country itself and the citizens therein. 

       All armed forces serving overseas will be immediately recalled.

       Consolidation of National Security; all armed forces will now operate only in Canada and its surrounding waters. 

Military Revolution

       All three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces will now be dedicated to the protection of Canada and its people.

       The foundation of the Armed Forces is the regular soldier. 

               Members will work on a quarterly schedule that includes;

                       Leave; time off from active duty.
                       Study; military training and education
                       Community Service; active duty in hometown.
                       Location Service; active duty in an alternate location.

       All 4 national universities will have military training facilities where potential armed services members will be educated and trained for deployment with the active units. 

       Active units will be housed in local barracks that serve as operation centers, accommodations and continued education centers.   

       Community Service is the deployment of armed forces within a unit’s home region.  Units will constantly patrol there designated home regions, assist emergency services (fire, police and paramedics), assist in disaster relief operations and generally provide a discernible and constant authoritative presence in all communities.    

       Location service will be assigned in rotation so that armed forces members gain experience operating in all of Canada’s various regions.

Air Force

                The Royal Canadian Air Force is dedicated to air space security, long range monitoring of Canadian territory and the enforcement of environmental protection.


                The Royal Canadian Navy is dedicated to maritime security, long range monitoring of Canadian waterways, and the enforcement of environmental protection.


       All other countries are free to join Canada.  Amalgamation is contingent on adoption of certain pre-qualifying criteria based on Canada’s own standards or a local candidate endorsed by the Independents for Sustainability achieve the popular vote in said country,

       Once the first country has successfully amalgamated, the new nation will be known as Earth, It will have open borders and the new province will have the same benefits and obligations of the existing provinces.

Foreign Policy