Introduction to priorities

         There are 36 million people in Canada.  1 in 10 of these people (around 3.2 million) lives in poverty including almost 700,000 children.
        6 million people in Canada are 65 years of age or older.  6 million people in Canada are under the age of 15.
        3.8 million working age (ages 16-64) Canadians self-identify as disabled.
        1.3 million people work in educational services.
        2.2 million work in healthcare and social assistance.
        300,000 people work on agriculture.

        3.8 million total
        3 million people work in wholesale / retail trade.
        1.2 million people work in accommodations and food service.
        1 million people work in finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing.
        1 million people work in public administration.

        6.2 million total
        Almost half the population needs constant attention; seniors, small children, students, and the injured and the disabled.  The care of these people is in the hands of the government and the Nation’s healthy adults.
        Intelligent and capable people should be mentoring children and assisting the elderly not peddling cell phones and showing houses.
        We need to get workers out from behind desks and working the soil.  We should encourage people to enjoy nature and visit campsites instead of hotels.   Everyone should spend more time in the kitchen, cooking and eating homemade food from local farms.
        We must take responsibility and change the course of society to become sustainable.  It is imperative that citizens of the “developed” world realize the impact of living decadently.   
        This revolution can only occur if we elect representatives that share our goal for sustainable living.  Demand more from yourself, your politicians and your government.  It is your right and it is your responsibility. 
        We need to re-prioritize and focus on the health of the nation and its people not the economy and its oligarchs.
        Financial disparity continues to grow and is matched by an equally unjust moral disparity.  Menial labourers, although as essential to society as any other workers, are looked down upon by more “specialized” workers. 
        There is limitless anecdotal evidence of disrespect shown by citizens to each other.  Anyone who has worked in retail or food services will have countless stories enumerating the distain shown by “elite” Canadians to their low income brethren.
        Excluding anecdotal evidence there is still plenty of hard evidence of the disrespect shown to menial labourers.  Menial labourers are paid minimum wage which would not be so bad if working full time hours at minimum wage earned someone enough to meet there basic needs, it is not enough. Major companies discourage employees from becoming full time employees to avoid paying benefits to these workers. 
        The point here is that companies, in general, treat employees as poorly as they are legally allowed.  They supply employees with not just minimum wage but the minimum of everything required by law. 
        Companies, citizens and even their peers show almost no respect to menial labourers in both social and financial interactions.
        We should be judging people on how well they do their jobs and not the job itself and affording rights to all workers and not just those with a college degree.
Uneducated Voters
        To believe that a government and its politicians are looking out for your best interests is extremely naïve.  Writing about the ignorance of the majority of people, seemingly intelligent ones included, was never in my character but it is clear that the time for coddling and ignoring is over. 
        It is easy for the politically faithful to label dissenters as conspiracy theorists and pessimists.  Concerning conspiracies, there is no conspiracy; the history of the world is a history of oppression.  As for pessimism, species go extinct, natural environments integral to the health of the planet are compromised, slavery, child labour and human trafficking exist.  There is a difference between being pessimistic and realistic.  I am not pessimistic, I see the world clearly and objectively and if the world is in a bad place then stating this is not pessimistic.
        A blind political faith exists; its existent cannot be questioned.  We hold rallies, put signs on our lawns, we deify our leaders and they encourage it of course, the system demands it.   We cheer our oppressors, we vouch for scoundrels and re-elect parties that have long histories of corruption.  We demand so little of our politicians and they meet these expectations and we all rejoice. 
         Canada, and most developed nations, has reached an interesting epoch.  A time where enough people are allowed to live decadently that politicians get re-elected despite incompetent and self-serving performance.  Humans are selfish and once acclimated to a standard of living are loath to relinquish it.  There will be no change if we do not want it.  Complacency has set in and it threatens to destroy the world.
       The consolidation of power has been the ultimate goal of rulers since time immemorial.  They considered it their right to rule unquestioned and unaccountable, above the law.  This abuse of power continues until the populace revolts.  Following a revolution the majority is given or takes certain concessions, a new ruling faction assumes control and rules with almost as much disregard for the majority of the population as their predecessors. 
        The new goal of this enlightened age is to keep the majority of voters complacent.  Run your government as you see fit and try to keep the population happy enough not to rebel.
Government Integrity
        Modern governments, specifically political parties, are beholden to contributors.  Businesses finance campaigns and elected officials operate in the best interests of corporations.  Economic growth and personal wealth have historically taken priority over the health of the environment and its inhabitants.  It is essential to the continued prosperity of a society that politicians act in the best interest of the community as a whole. 
         It is evident that politicians in Canada have not being working for sustainability.  Inequality, pollution and corruption, just to name a few problems, are commonplace.  These flaws are a product of the system in place and the system needs to change if we wish to live sustainably. 
         Governments are not held accountable for their actions.  Canada has a two party political system where the Liberals and Conservatives are free to do as they please with no fear of a worse then 50 / 50 chance of winning the next election.
        The population must demand more of themselves and their politicians if we ever hope to reach our potential as a community.
        Empowering communities ensures their prosperity.  A major goal of CG is not just sustainability on a National level but at a local level as well.  Power generation, food production and other essential systems will become decentralized and serve to create stronger communities.
        Local knowledge, pride and productivity will take precedence over federal and provincial interference.
         CG is considering the abolition of provincial government.  A federal mandate for sustainable government combined with effective municipal governance is sufficient for developing a strong country. 
        There is an ancient practice that has been perpetuated for all recorded history and in fact enhanced over time and it serves only to consolidate power.  Religion was a way of explaining our world and the processes therein.  Mystics claimed to know the inner workings of religion and promised citizen’s success or failure based on their adherence to dictated principals.  Of course the secrets of religion and in time all other sources of power were strictly forbidden from the masses.
        Only when you keep someone ignorant can you take advantage of them without their knowing.
        The mystification of processes continues unabated today and serves the same purposes as in ancient times; to consolidate power.  Experts, jargon, certification and regulation are all tools used in mystification; unnecessary complexity.
        CG is dedicated to keeping things as simple as possible.
"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away"
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
         The economy, the legal system and the government itself are all behemoths of confusion.  Opponents of sustainable government, protectors of the status quo will claim to be experts on all of these things but ask them to explain them and see what answer you receive and remember …
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
- Albert Einstein

Mutual Transparency
        CG advocates for complete transparency in all areas concerned with public funds.  Constituents, companies and employees are entitled to know the details of all projects executed with public funds.
        Direct payment structures encourage objective scrutiny and financial simplification.  Take the transportation obligation for example;
        Car manufacturers are required to invest 25% of profits from Canadian sales directly into the construction of a national automated and renewable transportation system.  Half of this amount can be allocated for the local development of appropriate technology.
        Both parties are entitled to full access to both financial records and physical locations concerning the allocation of funds directly related to this program.

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