Independents for Sustainability
It is the ultimate goal of Commonsense Government to create a national government dedicated to developing a sustainable society.

Political Revolution

       Commonsense Government advocates legislation that encourages elected officials to be accountable first and foremost to the health of the nation and its citizens. 
       Traditionally members of parliament are beholden to their political parties who are in turn beholden to campaign contributors.  The following legislation is aimed primarily at reducing political corruption.

                1.  Political candidates are banned from being affiliated with political                          parties.
                2.  The use of campaign signs is prohibited.
                3.  The senate will be eliminated.
                4.  MP salaries will be cut from $163,000 a year to the average national                       salary of $50,000 a year and will be adjusted to match the national                       average yearly.

       The combined savings of $51 million dollars a year from MP salary cuts and the elimination of the senate will be devoted to the creation and continuance of the Accountability Commission.  A group of independent and non-government controlled organizations dedicated to ensuring that the government is operating according to its mandate.   

Accountability Commissions

       Transparency is essential to trust.  Organizations need to be accountable to investors.  Accountability Commissions are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring all parties in an agreement are meeting their legal obligations.

       Accountability Commissions contain representatives from 5 organizations;

                Funding party; a representative of the party providing funding.
                       Representative is appointed by the funding party.

                Funded party; a representative of the party receiving funding.
                       Representative is appointed by the funded party.

                Objective expert; an expert in the field of study pertinent to the                             allocation of funds.
                       Representative must not be an employee of the government,                                  funding or funded party.

                Random Citizen; a Canadian citizen chosen at random.
                       Representative must not be an employee of the government,                                  funding or funded party.
               All Canadian citizens are legally obligated to serve on an                                           accountability commission

                Legal expert; any person with a legal degree and experience in the                       field of law concerning the specfic commission.  The legal expert will                     be selected at random from a pool of qualified candidates.
        Members of accountability commissions are prohibited from discussing pertinent information with anyone prior to the release of the commissions findings.
        Members are protected from the reprisal of intersted parties.   The final vote of members in an accountability commission will remain confidential.

       Accountability Commissions are granted unlimited access to financial records and operational facilities and are responsible for ensuring the adherence of parties to contractual and federal obligations.

       The financial records of all members of Accountability Commissions will be open and available to public scrutiny.

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