Independents for Sustainability
All citizens have the right to justice.  Justice is objective, incorruptible and fair.

Unalienable Rights

       All citizens have the right to live healthy and secure lives with equal access to nutritious food, clean water, adequate living accommodations and protective services (fire, police, armed forces and competent legal representation).

       All citizens have the right to know that their tax dollars are being spent effectively.

       No Canadian citizen can ever be prevented from voting for any reason including criminal convictions.

Amendments to the legal system

       The responsibility of defence and prosecution will now be shared between the legal representatives of both parties.
       Representatives of both parties will present both sides of the case and present them in court as a single legal team.  All representatives involved are to be granted access to all information possessed by both parties.

       Plaintiff and Defendant will remain anonymous to judge and jury for the duration of the legal proceedings.

       Precedent is no longer admissible.  Each case will be judged separately.  

Legal accountability

       It is essential that persons in a position of legal authority including judges, lawyers and the police do not operate above the law.

       Commonsense Government advocates for the creation of a Legal Accountability Commission.  It is the responsibility of this commission to ensure that persons with legal authority are conducting their official responsibilities in accordance with the law.

       Offenders guilty of violations and/or dereliction of duty in a position of authority will be permanently banned from acting in position of authority.     

Drugs and Alcohol

       Possession of drugs is not a criminal offense only the production and trafficking of drugs is.

       CG advocates for the universal freedom for businesses to sell alcohol and marijuana. Organizations like the LCBO and Beer Store are monopolistic and unconstitutional. 


       It is illegal to demand payment for consideration for employment.

       It is illegal to inquire into the ethnicity of an applicant.

       Minimum wage will be raised to $15 dollars an hour nationwide and to $20 dollars an hour for employees living in major urban centers including; Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Quebec City and Hamilton.  

       ALL workers are entitled to overtime pay.  Workers will receive time and half for every hour worked over the full time 40 hours of work a week.

       All workers will receive a minimum of 1 paid vacation day for every 160 hours worked

       No worker, including public servants, should be immune to the possibility of being fired with just cause.  Just cause is determined by the failure to meet the minimum standards of employment as specifically outlined in a contract.

       No employer shall fire an employee without due cause. 

       All workers who have been fired yet have fulfilled the employment requirements outlined in their contract are entitled to appeal their dismissal in a court of law. 

Foreign Policy