Humanism vs Nationalism

        All plants and animals are cousins and deserve to be treated with respect.  Commonsense Government is dedicated not only to an improved standard of living for Canadians but for people all over the world.
        How can anyone think they are happy knowing they live in a world with child labour, slavery, oppression, racism and hate?  Why should an imaginary line known as a border absolve us of responsibility?  Ignorance is no longer an excuse, we all know the problems facing the world and it is our obligation to remedy them.  Complacency is perpetuation.  If you are not trying to rid the world of evil then you are evil.
        Nationalism perpetuates hate.  Ideally Commonsense Government will lead to a healthy global community.
        Our shared goal is a society that maintains cultural differences but works with a common purpose.  Co-operation without assimilation.  Patriotism without racism.   Accommodation without compromise of human rights.
        It is important here to state that conservation of culture should be approached pragmatically.  Let us keep the different languages, food and traditions but it is folly to perpetuate beliefs that infringe on the rights of living things. 
        No country on Earth is perfect, but some are at least trying to improve.  It is common practice in the developed world to say “yes we have some problems but were much better off then so and so”.  Here is the problem with a statement like that.  First of all, we are all cousins so even if your country is better of then so and so, you should be motivated to help those in the other countries who do not have it as good as you, as motivated as you are to help those in your own country who aren’t as well off as you.  It is obvious that the average person cares very little for either of these groups.   Secondly, the performance of anything, person or government or company, should not be evaluated based on their performance relative to other things but relative to their potential.
       There are countries in the world that are terrible places to live.  It is not fair to assume your home country is doing well because it is better to live there then in one of the worst countries.  Citizens should evaluate the success of there nation by its ability to meet its potential as a country.  

Tradition is not justification
        In the beginning man was free to do as he pleased.  What a horrible time it must have been for citizens living in the sphere of cruel men.  Eventually some order was attained but the world had slavery, serfdom, racism and war.  Through the years, as the world developed, governments were formed and disbanded, elected and overthrown.  These organizations of authority ruled as they pleased. Behaviour was displayed that to modern people would see as barbarous.   The length of time that a behaviour is tolerated by society is not justification for its continuance.  There have been countless morally reprehensible behaviours that have been tolerated throughout history.  We look back on unspeakable actions of horror and malice that were, at the time, socially acceptable.  There is no doubt that some of the world has progressed passed this unambiguous oppression but it still exists in a majority of the world and it is equally obvious that governments perpetuate social inequalities to the extent they are allowed by “law”.
        Ignorance is no longer an excuse.  Doing nothing about the state of the world and society is perpetuation of a unjust system.  We must choose to save those who cannot save themselves and if not then we must live with the shame of a failure to meet our responsibilities.
        The genocides, the slave labour, the child labour, racism and war … all of the problems of the world are our responsibility.  We must actively fight these.  It is our duty to vote for politicians who value human rights.
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Humanism vs Nationalism
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