Foregin Policy

Independents for Sustainability
       The ultimate goals of Commonsense Government foreign policy include improving the standard of living for people worldwide through standards imposed on imported goods, investigating and assessing sustainable government policy in foreign countries for recommendation of adoption at home, and ultimately aligning politically with countries advocating sustainability. 
       CG advocates for the recall of all troops on foreign soil for redeployment throughout Canada.   
       CG advocates for the creation of an international emergency response team dedicated to aiding foreign citizens in emergency situations including natural disaster relief and genocide.
       The international emergency response team will only respond to emergencies threatening the violation of human rights by both natural and human causes.
        In accordance with the CG commitment to sustainability and zero population growth, the number of immigrants allowed into Canada each year will be based on the difference between the current population + birth/death numbers for the year.
       For example if there are 36 million Canadians at the time and 20,000 more people have died then were born in the country that year, this is the number of new immigrants allowed into the country.
        It is hoped that foreign countries will adopt Commonsense Government themselves and in doing so open there borders with Canada, that these countries will be influenced by CG international influence to improve the lives of their own citizens, or that these countries will adopt similar measures used in by the CG in Canada to improve the lives of their citizens.
       Until these changes come it is important that Canada limit immigration and population growth in an effort to consolidate national security.
International Accountability
        International goods sold in Canada must meet certain criteria in order to be imported and sold in the country.  This criterion includes;
       No products made with slave labour; wages of employees producing goods (both agricultural and manufactured) for sale in Canada must exceed, by at least 10%, the minimum cost of living in the specific country (the formula for finding the MCL wage is the average individual national monthly cost to survive (food, water, shelter and utilities) divided by full time hours worked for a month. 
       For example, if a company in Asia wishes to sell goods in Canada and the average monthly cost of living in the country is $1000 then the company must pay its employees a minimum wage of (1000 + 10% = 1110 \ 160 hours a worked a month) around $7 an hour.
        International manufacturers and importers wishing to sell goods in Canada must submit to regular inspection by the Canadian International Accountability Commission.
Canadian International Accountability Commission
       The Canadian International Accountability Commission is responsible for ensuring that all companies and countries wishing to sell goods and services in Canada are meeting the basic needs of their employees by providing a minimum wage that accurately reflects the financial demands of said citizens.
Foreign Policy