Independents for Sustainability
       The health of citizens is directly related to the health of their environment.  Protecting and maintaining a healthy natural environment is essential to running a sustainable society.
       Environmental degradation must be stopped and reversed.  The following measures will be enforced in order to protect our country’s environment and the resources therein.
       1.  The immediate cessation of collection of non-renewable resources.
       2.  Complete ban on commercial fishing.
       3.  All packaging materials must be biodegradable / compostable.
       4.  All energy from 100% renewable resources including solar and wind                    power.
       5.  Solar panels on all buildings.
       6.  Product Life Cycle responsibility.  The companies that make a product                 are responsible for the product from creation to disposal.
       7.  All transportation services must run on 100% renewable energy.
       8.  The reduction of urban sprawl through incremental decreases in the                    amount of new land development.
Active Protection
       Protection of our natural environments will be actively enforced through the following measures;

      Canadian Armed Forces will be stationed throughout Canada and be responsible for monitoring protected areas.

    The Environmental Accountability commission will routinely monitor all organizations and individuals to ensure compliance with environmental standards.

       Environmental Stewards are the front line environmental protection authorities and will work in conjunction with environmental researchers, the armed forces, the environmental accountability commission, individual residence and companies to ensure environmental accountability.

       Environmental Researchers are responsible for assessing the environmental impact of all civilized operations and for developing technology and systems for maintaining our standard of living whilst remaining environmentally friendly.
Foreign Policy