Independents for Sustainability
        Canada is a prosperous nation but still faces the important issue of a growing disparity between rich and poor.  With inflation and the rising cost of living it is imperative that workers at all income levels have financial security. 
        Focus must shift to creating jobs that directly benefit society and that productive workers, in any field, should be paid appropriately.

        Economic reforms will not affect any previous earnings.  All existing plans will be adjusted at the date of legislation to match new standards.

Fair pay and hours

        All workers are entitled to adequate hours of work and fair wages.

        Minimum wage will be raised to $15 dollars an hour nationwide and to $20 dollars an hour for employees living in major urban centers including; Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Quebec City and Hamilton.  

        All employees who are not registered students are entitled to regular full time hours (40 hours a week).

        Employees are obligated to work 40 hours a week.  It is the right of the employee to refuse to work more than 40 hours a week without fear or threat of loss of employment.
        A new online program will be developed and employees will be required to record all dates and durations of hours worked.
        Employers are also required to maintain a separate record of all workers dates and durations of hours worked,

        All workers are entitled to overtime pay. 
        Overtime pay will be paid for every hour worked past the first 40 hours in a week.
        The minimum overtime pay rate is your standard wage plus 25%.

        All workers are entitled to work no more than 6 days in a week without fear or threat of losing their job.
        All workers are entitled to one vacation day for every 80 hours worked.
        All workers are entitled to a 5 minute break for every hour worked. 
        Workers are entitled to a 30 minute paid lunch break for each 8 hour shift.

Sales Tax

        Commonsense Government advocates the abolition of provincial government and the reduction of total sales tax in all provinces except Alberta.
        Provincial governments are prohibited from collecting sales tax.
        Federal sales tax will be 10%.

        Online purchases will be subjected to a 5% sales tax.
        No tax will be paid on 100% Canadian made goods.

Retirement Savings

                Commonsense Government is committed to providing all Canadians with an adequate and equal retirement savings plan.

        All employees will pay 10% of their gross income into their registered retirement savings plan and all employers will contribute $1 per hour worked in the same retirement plan. 
        Private companies can increase the amount contributed as incentive to employees.
        Public servants at any level of government are prohibited from receiving a retirement savings rate above that of the general public. 

Limiting Excessive Decadence

                Commonsense Government is committed to reducing environmental degradation through preventative measures directed at limiting decadent social practices.  The following measures are aimed at reducing energy spent on running commercial and industrial facilities and distributing goods. 

        All commercial and industrial facilities are prohibited from operating on Sundays.
        Exempted from this prohibition are gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants and grocery stores.

        All commercial and industrial facilities must have solar panel installations.
        All commercial and industrial facilities must run on 100% renewable energy within 10 years.

        Delivery companies can only make weekly visits to residential addresses.
        All delivery and distribution services must run on 100% renewable energy within 10 years.

        Sales for online purchases will be subjected to only 5% sales tax.

        Complete ban on all telemarketing, door-to-door solicitation and spam emailing.

Maternity Leave

        All employees are entitled to maternity leave.

        Any full time employee in Canada is entitled to maternity leave for the first 2 children they have.
        All companies are required to pay maternity leave for any employee who has worked 9 months in said company without making a claim for maternity leave.
        A total of 1 year of maternity leave per child can be shared between the biological parents.
         Each parent has the legal right to 6 months maternity leave. 
        To be eligible for maternity leave you must live with or have shared custody of said child.     
        Parents on maternity leave will receive minimum wage for full time hours worked.
        Private companies can offer increased maternity leave rates as incentive to employees.
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