Decentralization; power to the people.
         The decentralization of essential systems is imperative to the success of a sustainable society.
        The priority of good government is the health of society.  Federal policy should dictate the core values held by a government and its constituents and these values should reflect the inherent rights of all living things. 
        Following the mandates of the federal government, municipalities are responsible for executing and enforcing this protocol on a local level. 
        The disbanding of the provincial level government is one of the ideas being considered by the Commonsense Government team. 
        Amalgamation is ensuring that city wide projects are already coming into the sphere of municipal governments and all major projects, including highways and healthcare, will now be in the federal governments jurisdiction.
        Centralization of power generation has two major drawbacks. 
        First is the potential for catastrophic failure, as seen in the 2003 blackout in Northeastern United States, Ontario and Quebec that affected 30 million people, 
        Secondly is the degradation of the environment by existing facilities including radioactivity for nuclear power, habitat destruction and interference of hydroelectric dams and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by natural gas.
        The ultimate goal of CG power generation is a 100% reliance on renewable energy.  Decentralization of the power supply is a major goal.  Every building should be equipped with solar panels to address its own energy needs locally.
        Centralization of food generation has 4 major drawbacks. 
        First is the potential for catastrophic failure.  Regions with concentrated monoculture farming are susceptible to massive failure due to natural phenomenon such as infestation and drought.  Overfishing has led to the endangerment and/or extinction of numerous species.
        Secondly the network required to distribute agricultural products is excessive and harmful to the environment.
        The third issue with current agricultural production is the reduction of jobs caused by large scale monoculture farming.
        Lastly is the nutritional degradation of food caused by monoculture farming, large scale livestock operations and a focus on quantity over quality.
        CG food production is dedicated to an agricultural revolution.
Sustainability demands a system where many small farms provide local populations with chemical free produce and free range livestock.  Organic agriculture and humane animal husbandry combined with short range distribution to local markets.
Waste and Water
        Less than 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water.  We use and pollute this fresh water at an unsustainable rate.
        All buildings will now be required to have rain water collection and treatment installations.
        CG is investigating the use of a new waste system.  The system would be responsible for transporting human waste and compost, treating this waste for pathogens and distributing the fertilizer to the above mentioned small farms.
                CG advocates the recall of all overseas troops and their redistribution throughout the Canada.  Our major urban centers have serious crime issues that could be abated with increased authoritative presence.  In urban settings the army will be conspicuous and assist police in maintaining order and deterring criminals.  In rural settings, the army will work with RCMP detachments to provide enhanced law enforcement and also serve as agents of environmental protection.

Independents for Sustainability
Financial Accountability
Humanism vs Nationalism
Zero Growth Rate